Ch. Landaleigh's Instant Replay HIC

Ch. Landaleigh's Instant Replay HIC
GS-33285F24M-T EL1922M24-T
Breeder/Owner: G.H. and C.H. Cobleigh
DOB:Jan 5 1991

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Ch. Landaleigh's Instant Replay HIC
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GSDC of America --- 1996 --- Conditional Dog

"The conditions of this class were that all the dogs entered had to have OFA hips and elbows. There were six presented in the class. There was just one champion shown in the class; I would assume that this is because once a dog is defeated, he could not be shown in Best of Breed competition, as with the Veterans Class.

Instant Replay a rather large dog, he carried his weight and size well and was easily the best overall dog in the class. This dog is all male, has good feet and bone, and is a really nice side gaiting dog.

This was the poorest quality of the male classes. I expected soundness coming and going on all of the dogs -- this was not so."

~ Kathleen Steen