1985 Grand Victrix
Ch. Lynrik's Kristal TC

1985 GV Ch. Lynrik's Kristal

Breeder: J. & H. Hutchison
Owner: R.G. & C. Joseph

Ch. Kubistraum's Kane ROM

Shebland's Eldorado Camareigh

Shebland Brianna ROMC  (Reno daughter)
Ch. Lynrik's Kristal

Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Cyprus CD 

Lynrik's Shanon of Winchester TC, ROM

  Winchester's Black Satain

Topline GSDC---February 12th, 1984---Best of Breed

"A lovely, fluid moving, short coupled bitch possessing great power and balance in motion.  Though she exhibits a slight carp over the loin when viewed on pose, her outline in motion, at all speeds is balanced and efficient."

~Joe Poepping


GSDC of Maryland---April 7th, 1984---Best of Breed

"There isn't too much one can say about his bitch that has not already been said. A very nice mover, clean at both ends, excellent from the side, excellent forearm and extension, excellent rear drive. Never a foot in the wrong place. One of the breed's truly great ones."

-Fred Schmidtke

GSDC of America---1984---Select #12

"A very nice black and tan with nice length of neck, ideal size, good back, good reach, ground covering gait that is very fluid; she tends to run down in wither on a loose lead with a slight overcast; she looks best pulling; she did not have the will to move today."

~ Fran Ford


1984 Canadian National Specialty - September 1984--Best of Breed

"A beautifully formed, small to medium sized black and tan. Her outline, although not extreme, is very appealing posed or in motion. When moving she never takes a a wrong step., displaying good extension, underdrive
and follow-through whether she be on a tight or loose lead. She is tightly ligamented both coming and going. Her character is good. A lovely bitch, hard to fault."

--Judge Ed Barritt

GSDC of America---September 28th, 1985---Grand Victrix

"A very feminine, beautiful and typey bitch with a lovely head and dark, well shaped eyes. She has a very nice shoulder, a good withers and a strong back and excellent croup. She is not over angulated but very correct at both ends and is sound coming and going. In motion, she has an effortless, floating gait. She never took a wrong step and showed with incredible showmanship. When her leash was dropped due to her handler taking a minor spill in the ring, Kristal just went on gaiting around the arena with such style and beauty she took my breath away. A very worthy Grand Victrix."

-Connie Beckhardt