Ch. Love At First Bite of Edan ROM

Ch. Love At First Bite of Edan ROM

Breeder/Owner: Ann Schultz
DOB: April 8th, 1986

Ch. Proven Hill's Up N Adam ROM

Ch. Earth Wind & Fire of Edan ROM

Bestest of Edan ROM
Ch. Love At First Bite of Edan ROM

Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hammer ROM

Ch. Awlful Good of Edan CD, TC, ROM

Jennarick's Felicia

Kentuckinan GSDC --- March 17th, 1989 --- Best of Opposite Sex

"... a black and tan of normal size, with good color. The overall impression while standing is that of a mature, developed, well muscled but correct female. She is longer than tall with good proportions, with good depth of body. Feet were well shaped, compact, pads thick. Neck and shoulders are clean-cut and normal. In motion, she has a good outreaching, smooth stride, moves powerfully with coordination and balance. Feet travel close to the ground with good under reach."

~ Dr. Carmen Battaglia

1993 Register of Merit Dam

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