Leemar Xzaret

Leemar Xzaret


Ch. Schokrest Frequent Flyer


Leemar Xzaret


Markelís Misty Magic



Orange Coast GSDC---September 12th, 1998---Winners Bitch

"This is a bitch that gave me everything I asked for at every speed. She was placed in different positions in the class, and wherever she was, she continued to show as a stylish and classy bitch. She is not the prettiest thing in the world. For some reason people think because I have shown bi-colors that I like them. Iím not particularly enamored with one color or another, but a bi-color seems to detract from the style of so many animals. This particular bitch, while not being my choice in type, took less steps to cover more ground than anything else in the bitch classes that day. She went on to be Winnerís Bitch, on her movement, her clean coming and going, her hard back and style. ."

-Evan L. Ginsburg