Ch. Lealynn's Tyra Banks

Ch. Lealynn's Tyra Banks
Breeder/Owner: Liz Leschhorn 

Ch. Jericho's Gatineau ROM

Ch. Asgard's Big Ben of Encore TC, ROM

Asgard's Baja of Jolyn

Ch. Lealynn's Tyra Banks

Ch. Houston of Wildwood ROM

Ch. Lealynn's Olivia TC

Asgard's Kalamazoo v Mar-Cia

September 3, 1999---Diablo Valley GSDC---Winner's Bitch

"This is a small to medium girl, with probably the best shoulder of the day.  She is very nicely coupled, with a back of iron.  A glass of water would not spill a drop if put on this bitch's back while moving.  She is clean on both ends, and has a lovely head-piece with dark eyes.  She wanted to win, she worked for it, and she got it easily.  Today she became a Champion, and very deservedly so."

~ Mr. Randy Chesnut