Ch. Lealynn's Olivia TC

Ch. Lealynn's Olivia TC
OFA GS-30979G26F GS-EL1317
Breeder/Owner: Liz Leschhorn 
February 2, 1990 - August 30, 2001

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Ch. Lealynn's Olivia TC

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November 22nd, 1992---San Bernardino/Riverside GSDC---Best of Winners & Best of Breed

"Lealynn's Olivia--they say "every dog has it's day" and this was hers.  I don't know where she came from but I'm glad she was there.  It was me, me, me from the first step into the ring.  All of the adjectives we use to describe quality in movement fit this bitch.  She was flawless on this day.  It made no difference as to speed or duration of the classes - she performed.  She was shown beautifully on a loose lead, which showed her correct topline, underdrive, and finish.  She is balanced and her timing was impeccable.  She was pushed in Open Class by another spectacular bitch, Leiter's Abracadabra, and watching the two of them move together was a joy to behold.  Either bitch could have finished this day, but this was Olivia's.  She performed equally well in Winners, barely edging out another spectacular bitch from the American Bred class.  In the Breed it was nearly impossible to take my eyes off of her and it came down to her magnificent gait and timing.  She nosed out some magnificent examples of our breed."

~ Paul Root