Lealynn's Dark Angel v. Asgard

Lealynn's Dark Angel v. Asgard
Owner: Zoe Bachman

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Ch. Asgard's Big Ben of Encore TC, ROM

Asgard's Baja Jolyn

Lealynn's Dark Angel v. Asgard

Lakeview's Seahawk v Lealynn

Lealynn's Starburst

Asgard's Jamboree

Rockand County KC---March 10th, 2000---Winners Bitch & Best of Breed

"This bitch had a good time. I had to get down to examine her mouth as she kept trying to find her "mommy" who was standing "frozen like" at the entrance to the ring. I asker her handler Trish Wylie to wave her away as the AKC Rep was observing us the whole time. Trish gave the owner her "GLARE", I kneeled down, the dog relaxed and we got on with things. What a beautiful easy sidegait this young lady had. Even the Rep and another judge at ringside came up afterwards and said they agreed with my eventual choice. She was a darkly pigmented bitch. Nice back, decent feet, beautiful profile, good back and wither. The puppy could be faulted some on looseness going away and on occasion would kick out the right rear hock ...slightly. Good bite.. This dog and handler must have been practicing. This is one of those animals that if moved too fast or slow, could distort its appearance. The handler refused to lose her cool even though being pushed by a very decent open bitch."

-Frank Tate