Bronwyn's Rock of Ages of Halcyon

Bronwyn's Rock of Ages of Halcyon
Breeder: Minna Koltes/Dr. C. White-Moser
Owners: Minna Koltes/ M. Jones


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Ch. Bronwyn's Rock of Ages of Halcyon

Miracle of Halcyon

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Black Forest's Elsa

GSDC of Fort Lauderdale---March 24th, 2001---Winners Dog

"He came from a quality-packed class.  I don't see why at least all my first four dogs won't finish.  This plush black and red-tan dog took command of the ring with a "look at me" presence.  A medium-sized dog with good substance, nice feet long arched neck, good prosternum, good depth of body, strong thigh.  He covered the ground with easy, sweeping, powerful movement, carrying a strong level topline when moving.  His star quality and powerful movement made him a winning package.  His back could be a bit stronger and he was not as clean coming at you as he was from the rear or the side."

-Laurie Telfair