Ch. Britmere's Timothy of Lahngold

Ch. Britmere's Timothy of Lahngold


Mix von Lochem SchH I
Ch. Treu vom Wolfsstock SchH III ROM
Lilly vom Gipsbergwerk
Ch. Britmere's Timothy of Lahngold
Ch. Bern vom Kallengarten ROM SchH II AD
Lanhgold's Vodka
Minka v Bulowstein

GSDC of Flint --- June 1st, 1968 --- Best of Breed

"Best of Breed to Ch. Britmere's Timothy of Lanhgold. I like him well when I judged him a year ago --- and he has become better with added maturity. A beautifully pigmented, masculine dog. Perhaps a little large, but handles himself with ease and power. Although not a really outstanding gaiter, he covers ground surely and with a minimum of excess motion. Could be cleaner coming and going, but typical. I like the way he is set down ... powerfully ... and looks one straight in the eye. My highest compliment ... he is a Stallion, masculine, strong and sound."

~ Ralph Roberts