Ch. Bren of Gan Edan

Ch. Bren of Gan Edan

Owners: A. & M. Saltz
DOB: October 3rd, 1983

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Ch. Bren of Gan Edan

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GSDC of Rochester --- 1985 --- Winners Dog

"A beautiful big black and tan male with good temperament. He has a good shoulder, an excellent back and a very nice croup and excellent hindquarters with a short well formed hock. He is very clean both coming and going and moves with an outreaching and balanced gait and performed very consistently."

--Connie Beckhart

GSDC of America---September 27th, 1985---Open Dog & Reserve Winners Dog

"In a worthy Open class, a clear first place went to a dog of good substance, deep in chest, high in withers. A well-balanced dog with good topline, very good angulation front and rear. Correct in movement from all views. Put down and shown in excellent condition. Very close decision for Reserve rather than Winners."

-Thomas Bennett

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