Ch. Bremlouken's Joshua

Ch. Bremlouken's Joshua


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Ch. Bremlouken's Joshua
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GSDC of America --- 1978 --- Open Dog & Reserve Winners Dog

"A large nicely pigmented black and tan male of excellent type and masculinity. He had a very easy and coordinated gait and a good back but when on a loose lead does not show as much follow through behind as I would like to see. He is very good going away but just a bit loose coming at me. His feet could be a bit better and one ear is just a wee bit off. He has a good mouth and very beautiful head and is excellent in temperament."

"Reserve went to the more mature BREMLOUKEN'S JOSHUA, who when posed made the prettier picture, but does not have quite the follow through behind of the Winners dog and is not as outreaching and suspending in motion."

~ Connie Beckhardt