Ch. Breauhausen's Spectrum ROM

Ch. Breauhausen's Spectrum ROM
OFA GS-18771G24M
Breeder/Owners: L. & B. Breault
DOB: December 2nd, 1984

Breauhausen's Steeler  (Hawkeye son)

Ch Randheim's T Texas Tyler

Ch Tamarack's Taste of Honey ROM
Ch. Breauhausen's Spectrum ROM

Breauhausen's Steeler  (Hawkeye son)

Breauhausen's Klassy

  Nationiwide's Sweet Loreal  (Hammer daughter)

GSDC of America---1986---Bred By Exhibitor Dog

"Elegant black and light golden tan male in lush condition. Strong head good ears, dark eyes. Fluid mover with good reach. At times he comes up a bit in rear losing topline. Very clean."

-Ed Barritt

March 1987-Winners Dog

"A black and light tan male. His head and carriage of the neck relative to body presented excellent balance in posed and movement in sidegait and clean in both directions. Excellent sex characteristics with well proportioned head. Would prefer a longer upper arm to protect a greater set back for his elbow, but his extension was not restricted and opened as required."

--H. Broderson

June 1987---Winners Dog

"Large black and tan, powerful, suspended side mover. Behaved will. No one could suspend with him and nobody had his power."

--W. Leonard

"He came into the ring like he really meant business. So fully matured, in excellent condition, and he moved with enormous strength both front and rear, well suspended, solid back, and clean at both ends. So eye appealing and exciting to watch. 1988 should be a good year for him."

--Rose Quigley

GSDC of America---November 17th, 1988---Select #5

"Another nicely balanced dog, with a very nice shoulder, and a strong rear assembly. Nice back, croup drops off slightly. Good pigment, head, and eye. Short hock. Moves very nicely with an easy gait, rather than a driving gait. Nice feet. Not quite as dry as the dog in front."

--Ralph Roberts

1991 Register of Merit Sire

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Denotes a member of the 13th club