Ch. Boken Kamp's Axelon v Winsmoor

Ch. Boken Kamp's Axelon v Winsmoor

Breeder: Ilda M. Saebeler & John Waldrop
Owner: Teddie Waldrop & Arelene Keller
DOB: February 5th, 1983

Ch. Sequel's Lonnie of Glisando ROM

GV Ch. Sequel's Senator of Merivern ROM

Knockout of Merivern ROM
Ch. Boken Kamp's Axelon v Winsmoor

Lincolnwood's Falcon

Winsmoor's Ambush ROM

  Lincolnwood's Sascha

GSDC of Houston--October 27th, 1985--- Winners Dog---Best of Opposite Sex

"A large, masculine dog. Reddish with black saddle. Excellent outline and balance. Roomy, elastic, outreaching gait. Very reminiscent of his sire, Ch. Sequel's Senator of Merivern, at the same age--2 1/2 years--in motion and in outline. I'm sure he will enjoy an exciting show career."

-Barbara Lee Williams


        Bokenkamp's Boaz of Barwyck


Denotes a member of the Thirteen Club