1967 German Seiger
Ch. Bodo v. Lierberg ROM, SchH III, FH, K
kl 1, CACIB

1967 German Sgr. Ch. Bodo v. Lierberg ROM, SchH III, FH, KKL1, CACIB

Breeder: K. Klug; Mulheim/Ruhr
Owner: Mr. Erich Renner
Born: March 16th, 1962

SG-Ch. Lex v.d. Drei-Kinder Haus SchH I, KKL1

V-Vello zu den Sieben Faulen SchH III, FH, KKL1

V-Grill z.d. Sieben Faulen SchH II
1967 German Sgr. Ch. Bodo v. Lierberg ROM, SchH III, FH, KKL1

V-BSGR Arko v. Riedersknapp SchH III, FH, ZB, KKL1

VA-Betty v. Eningsfield SchH III, KKL1

  V-Delfi v. Kleistweg SchH II, KKL1

GSDC of Detroit --- November 26th, 1957 --- Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"My Winners Dog, which I later chose as Best of Winners, leaves very little to be desired and it was indeed a pleasure to have had the opportunity to judge him. He was great to the point of perfection."

~ W Winfield Smith


GSDC of America---1967---Open Dog, Winners Dog & Select #5

"Very dark male with scant pale tan marking just a shade above medium in size. A dry tightly knit, masculine dog of remarkable balance. Absolutely sound in motion viewed from any angle. An extremely difficult dog to fault, since all his parts seemed to mesh together. Superb condition. Not a dog that grabbed attention at first, the more impressive he became. He swept around the ring with such precision and effortless ease as to give the impression that he could trot for hours with out drawing a deep breath."

-Ray Smith

1973 Register of Merit

"In 1967 Bodo v Leirberg made Sieger and his brother Bernd was VA.  This was Vello breeding coupled with Hein v Richterbach on the dam's side.  The mating of Vello and Betty was repeated several times and gave many V dogs, possible one of the best matings of all time.  Working qualifications in the various litters were of the very highest which may be a legacy from the grandsire Arko v Riedersknapp who was Leistungssieger in 1958. 

 Although not perfect in upper arm both Bodo and Bernd were top class bicoulors with outstanding movement.  Both gave cryptorchid problems but both gave a high proportion of 'a' stamp dogs.  Bodo went to USA where he added an American title and ROM to the Dutch and Belgian Sieger titles that had accompanied his Sieger award.  Another brother Bandit went to Denmark where he got the FCI international title and at eight yours of age came to Britain.  By then he had thickened in forequarters but in his youth he had been a fine animal with his most obvious failings being a rather short croup and a non black muzzle.  he seems to have been free of long coats and the mask problem is readily overcome.  Bred back to German lines some of his stock may prove useful."

~Author Unknown

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