Ch. Bodan's Place Your Bet of Grey Pine

Ch. Bodan's Place Your Bet of Grey Pine
OFA GS69568624M-PIEL 16595M24
Breeder:  Bill & Jeri Pfeiffer and B. Pugliese
Owner: Bonna Pugliese
DOB: 05/24/02

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Ch. Bodan's Place Your Bet of Grey Pine
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GSDC of America --- October 8th, 2003 --- 1st 12 to 18 Dog

"This handsome youngster, an alert, richly pigmented dark black and tan exuding personality captivated my attention with his unfailing energy and structural ability to fly around the ring on a totally loose leash with ease of motion. He displays a great personality and temperament. Completely alert and interested in the world around him. He was hard and dry with a beautiful coat and trimmings and was able to do it all just as well slowly. He commanded the ring. What a guy. He does the breed proud."

~ Cappy Pottle

GSDC of Western Massachusetts --- April 23rd, 2005 --- Best of Breed

"BOB was a great class and each Special was...Special. There was no doubt why they were Champions of Record but only 1 can win. The Place Your Bet AKA Keno is younger but is beautiful in motion and has an attitude that just kept saying Pick Me...Pick Me and I did. His attitude mixed with excellent motion spells Success for this guys future. It's never an easy decision when you have such lovely dogs. My Special bitches were beautiful and if I hadn't been so enamored with my WB would have been in there, too."

~ Paul Root