1930 Grand Victor
Ch. Bimbo v. Stolzenfels

1930 GV Ch. Bimbo v. Stolzenfels
Owner: Frank Williams


Wold of the Hedges

1930 GV Ch. Bimbo v. Stolzenfels


Meta v. Stolzenfels


1930 GSDC of America National Specialty Show

"1930, the year Arko did not win the Grand Victor title, the show was judged by Dr. Roesbeck of the S.V. (Roesbeck was the number two man at the S.V. at that time). When one reads the different accounts of that show they might wonder at the organizational skills of those putting it on (those of you who have put on shows take heart). Apparently by the time they got to Best of Breed it was quite dark. Now one must remember that Dr. Roesbeck would have been doing individual critiques on 155 dogs. By his own account he said he was trying to judge shadows by that time.

Somehow he did manage to overlook dogs like Klodo von Boxberg, Utz von Haus Scheutting, Donar von Overstolzen, and Arko von Sadowaberg and came up with the winner of the American Bred class Bimbo von Stolzenfels. Marie Leary whose accounts of shows would not be allowed today (I know) in those days pulled no punches. She was absolutely appalled. They did get the car lights on for the Specials Bitches and he did give that to Katja von Blasienberg, a universally acclaimed great one. She had also been proclaimed German Siegerin amongst her other great wins. Katja was also Best of Breed. Without the names this judge was lost."

-Gorden Garrett
Arthor of German Shepherd Dog History