Billo v Riedekenburg

Billo v Riedekenburg


  Roland v. Starkenburg

Hettel v. Uckermark

Gretel v. Uckermark
Billo v Riedekenburg

Harras v. Lippestrand PH

Flora (Berkemeyer)

Cilla Distelbruch HGH

Born in 1913, it included the all-black Bendix and Bianka v Riedekenburg as well as Bella and Billo, all of whom featured in early pedigrees of note.  All showed much of their dam but also the heavy bone of Hettel and some weakness in pasterns. 

~ Author Unknown

"Of the Riedeckenburg dogs, the "B" litter would have to be considered the most influential. It was probably Billo that had the most impact and there is no picture available. Billo's most important litter was when he was bred to the Horst daughter Inga v. Birkenfeld, another great producing bitch. From THEIR first litter came Grief von Peterstirn who produced very well for the breed in his own right."

~Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History