1989 Grand Victor Ch. Bethesda's Tacoma of Si-Don CD TC

Ch. Bethesda's Tacoma of Si-Don
OFA-H-GS-25129F53M E-GS-EL24
Breeder/Owners: Sid Gilpin Denise Collins
DOB: March 10th, 1985

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Asgard's Dale of Katzenjammer ROM
AOE 1989 GV Ch. Bethesda's Tacoma of Si-Don CD TC

Masstana's Prestige

Mikah's Miracle by Prestige CD, ROM

  Sid's Mikah of Hidden Forest

April 1987---Winners Dog

"Dark pigmented high withered male with masculine head. He shows well and has a firm back. He has a well coordinated sidegait with good front reach. He performed better in the classes than in the breed judging."

-Betty Chelius

GSDC of America---1989---Grand Victor

"... seemed to do no wrong and just kept getting better and better. An absolutely exquisite dark black and tan masculine male, of excellent proportions. Alert and full of life and very showy. He had an excellent ground covering sidegait, moved easily on a loose lead and was clean on both ends. He was in superb condition and could not be denied this day. "

~ Betty Radzevich

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Woodside's Geneva v Windigail