V Beowulf SchH III S.Z. 10

V Beowulf SchH III S.Z. 10
Born: October 3rd,  1899

Horand v. Grafrath S.Z. 1 (coat color: gray)

VA Hector v. Schweben (coat color: gray & tan)

Mores Plieningen HGH SZ 159 (coat color: black & tan)
V Beowulf SchH III

Horand v. Grafrath S.Z. 1 (coat color: gray)

Thekla I v.d. Krone (coat color: )

  Madame vd Krone die Aeltere HGH (coat color: )
Most Important Prodigy:


"Looking at pictures of Beowolf 10 and Pilot 111 it is seen that both have good feet, rather upright pasterns and well angled shoulder assemblies. Their heads are much the same as at present but the nobility had not yet developed. Both look high in the rear with a hollow back. They probably had good front reach within the capacity of those rears to drive the whole body forward

My guess, based on observance of other breeds in transition, is that they lifted their hind legs as they pushed forward with an awkward drive and follow through. This is characteristic of animals that are insufficient in rear bone length. They are unable to put together much rear push. From a straight on position they probably would move clean with neither front nor rear throwing anything out of the straight line of the columns of bone. This was the time of Von Stephanitz the cavalry officer, who was used to sound horses

Breeding stock quality improved with Jokel von Schwetzingen HGH, who was probably one of the best sons of Beowolf. It looks like he had as good a front as his sire, a better and straighter back, more style and though still lacking in rear angles, this dog gives the impression that he would gait with long ground covering strides. There appears to be nothing that would lead one to suspect he would not move cleanly. His legs and pasterns appear straight. Perhaps today's judges would consider him to move with not enough spring or give in pastern. I would not agree and would expect the dog to be most efficient in movement."

Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History


"Beowulf's particular value was in the bitches he produced, and from him came the line to Geri v. Oberlamm and thence to Cito Bergerslust and Attilos Argos"

~Author Unknown

Beowulf was a squarely built, strong dog with a good shoulder and strong ears. He was overbuilt like most dogs of the era and had a rather steep croup. However he was to form a sound basis for development and much of the credit given to Horand v. Grafrath might more correctly have been allotted to Beowulf"

"Beowulf had extensive stud opportunities--107 litters producing 304 progeny. He sired the 1905 Sieger and the four Siegrins who between them won all titles from 1902 to 1906."

~Author Unknown