Ch. Ben-Jo's Surprise Package TC ROM

Ch. Ben-Jo's Surprise Package TC
OFA GSEL-7621M26-T
Breeder: Joan and Ben McGovern
  Owner: Angelika Hardesty
July 2nd, 1995 ~ April 30th, 2000

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Ch. Ben-Jo's Surprise Package TC

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GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999---Select #5

"A well pigmented proper sized, excellent proportioned black and tan male. Very good secondary sex characteristics. Very good coming and going. Sidegait: outreaching front, finished well behind. Iron back in motion. Croup a bit steep,  pasterns good, feet could be better. In all, a very proper male."

~ Fred Migilore


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 #19 Sire for 2001~ AKC Point Tabulation

"Ben Jo's Surprise Package was the "Total Package".  He was a fantastic show dog with a shoulder, topline and powerful rear motion that was second to none.  

His sound mind and enthusiasm for life is what made him complete.  He was protective of his family and home, but gentle with everyone when there was no threat.  "Pakcy" finished his championship by the time he was 18 months old.  He won his Futurity in the Great Lakes under Mary Ann Imhoff.  In 1999, he went Canadian Select under Michael Chaloux and America Select #5 under Fred Migliore.  Bred only a few times to mostly local bitches in South Florida, he seemed to put his stamp on each and every pup.  All came out with that lust for life attitude that would not quit.  Packy was my best friend and constant companion.  He could even "smile" when I asked him to.  He gave me the ultimate thrill at the 1999 Nationals and memories that will last a life time."


2002 Register of Merit Sire