Ch. Beau of Fran-Jo ROM

Ch. Beau of Fran-Jo ROM

Breeders/Owners:  Joan D. & Francis L. Ford, Sr.

  Ch. Fortune of Arbywood ROM

GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

Frohlich’s Esla of Grunestahl ROM
Ch. Beau of Fran Jo ROM

1965 GV Ch. Brix v Grafenkrone ROM

Fran-Jo’s Kelly of Waldesruh

Del-Deena of Waldesruh ROM
1978 Register of Merit Sire

"Beau is a large and beautifully pegmented sable. He is high withered, excellent in croup, strong hindquarter, good ribbing, great depth, short hock, and is clean coming and going. Beau is an effortless ground covering mover. Most certainly, he should be used for type and substaince. Beau holds freat potential for inbreeding on Lance. He produces best with Lance and Mannix daughters. Beau carries the long coat and occasional monorchidism. He is producing quite well with the inbred boys; Zeto, Zeus and Joey progeny. Beau should not be bred to bitches who are placid in nature."

~Fran Ford

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