Ch. Baumann's Steffan

Ch. Baumann's Steffan

Breeder: S.R. and Alice J. Baumann
Owner: Ronald F. and Roselyn A. Houghton
DOB: November 21, 1956

Hein v. Richterbachtal ROM
1956 GV Ch. Bill v. Kleistweg ROM SchH I
Adda v. Reifeck
Ch. Baumann's Steffan
Nero v. Leibestraum
Ebony v. Leibestraum
Luci v Liebestraum (Jola daughter)

"A dry dog of medium size, well muscled, well balanced, presented in good condition. Good topline with well formed croup, high withers and clean neck. Straight legs, good feet and pasterns. Well developed chest. Sound on all temperament test. Good Angulation, outreaching and buoyant side gait. Sound coming and going. Two missing premolars.

Physical Characteristics (standing): Height: 25 inches. Weight: 85 lbs. Length: 31 inches. Depth: 12 inches. Chest Circumference: 34 inches. Body: Typy, medium size, dry, well balanced dog presented in good condition. Topline: High withers. Clean well carried neck. Long well formed sloping croup. Fore and Rear Legs: Straight, parallel. Well formed and well padded feet. Chest and Fore Chest: Well developed.

Temperament: Test I: Normal. Test II: Normal. Test III: Normal. Observations After Tests: Confident, alert and with natural protectiveness.

Head and Expression: Head: Noble. Ears: Well formed and placed. Eyes: Well placed and formed. Dark. Teeth: Correct bite. Two missing premolars. Jaws: Sufficient.

Angulation: Rear Angulation: Well angulated. Shoulder Angulation: Well placed and well laid back.

Coat and Pigmentation: Coat: Correct texture. Pigmentation: Strong.

Gait: Side Gait: Buoyant, outreaching front and rear. Front Gait: True coming. Rear Gait: Legs, hocks and feet parallel.

Breeding Recommendation: Should not be bred to bitches with dentitional faults.

~ Grant Mann; June 18, 1960; Chattanooga, Tennessee


Baumann's Dusky
Full brother to Steffan