Ch. Barry von Graustein

Ch. Barry von Graustein

Breeder: Court and Cale Cowley
Owner: Morrie Gordon
DOB: March 16, 1961

1957 GV Ch. Jory of Edgetowne ROM
Ch. Norkraak of Matterhorn CD, ROM
Charm of Dornwald II
Ch. Barry von Graustein
Ch. Jolly Arno of Edgetowne CDX ROM
Ch. Ulla of Rocky Reach II, ROM
Ch. Moritza of Rocky Reach ROM

Breed Survey: General Impression: A large well pigmented dog of sound action and temperament, very strong back. Satisfactory croup, feet and pasterns are ideal. Secondary Sex Characteristics: Pronounced. Constitution: Powerful, dry. Temperament: Calm, fearless, strong nerved Expression: Shepherdlike, alert.

Physical Characteristics (in stance): Structural Proportions: Trotting build, powerful, large. Height: 26 1/2 inches. Depth 12 inches. Weight: 100 lbs. Chest Circumference 33 1/2. Bone: Strong. Musculature: Strong, dry.

Forequarters: Angulation: Very good. Forechest: Well developed. Pastern: Ideal. Feet: Arched. Ribbing: Oval.

Middlepiece: Back: Short. Loin: Length: Short. Depth: Medium. Topline: Sloping. Underline: Normal.

Hindquarters: Angulation: Very good. Thigh: Broad Croup: Medium, satisfactory. Tail: Long, sabre.

Head: Masculine. Muzzle: Strong. Eye: Dark, oval. Ears: Normal. Carriage: Erect. Bite: Normal. Teeth: Normal.

Coat Condition: Normal. Type: Normal. Pigmentation: Strong.

Physical Characteristics (in action): Back: Firm. Forequarters: Outreaching. Hindquarters: Drive: Powerful. Trueness: Single line tracking. Side Gait: Outreaching.

Unusual Qualities or Faults: None.

Stability: Ability to adjust to a situation: Total. Gunfire: Favorable.

Breeding Recommendations: Recommended for bitches of medium size and correct croup formation.