Ch. Barithaus Bete Noir Du Noel

Ch. Barithaus Bete Noir Du Noel


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Ch. Barithaus Bete Noir Du Noel

Ch. Eko-Lan's Paladen ROM

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  Barithaus' Myst of Clover Lynn

September 1982---Winners Dog

"A beautiful specimen. Black and reddish tan, effortless gait and fine masculine head. Dark eyes. Somewhat loose in topline, but possessing good follow through and very nice shoulder opening."

--Joe Poepping

GSDC of Western Massachusetts --- April 20th, 1985 ---Best of Breed

"Large black and tan with strong temperament and pigment and pronounced sex characteristics. Has a strong head and ears with dark eyes and good proportions height - length. Croup was average. Forequarter was average in upper arm and scapula. Pasterns were straight. In dentition, correct scissors bite with no missing teeth. Structure in motion - clean coming and going, excellent side, hindquarter and forequarter. Overline was firm."

--Carmen Battaglia

Mohawk-Hudson GSDC---April 21st, 1985---Best of Breed

"He was a very dark male with an excellent head, good substance, and moved effortlessly, though not extreme on either end. He was clean coming and going. Though he could have been better animated, I felt that he was deserving of the Best of Breed win."

-Dr. John W. King

Iroquois GSDC --- May 12th, 1985 --- Best of Breed

"Very impressive appearance. Dark, upper-medium sized dog with good solid temperament. Mature, masculine expression with excellent earset. Excellent dentition. Moderately sloping pasterns. Excellent proportions, topline and underline. Proper coat, immaculately groomed and presented, and in great body condition. Very good prosternum with excellent ribbing and depth of chest. Good layback of shoulder with even better extension while gaiting. Long correctly angulated croup. True coming and going excellent character and a beautiful sweeping ground covering gait. Solid back and good topline. This dog has a lot to offer to the breed "

--Leon Breault