Ch. Bar-N's Magnum v Destino

Ch. Bar-N's Magnum v Destino
Breeders/Owners: M Gattone & R. Nix

Destino's Union Forces

Ch. Bar-N's Rico v Stino

Bar-N's Special Lulu

Ch. Bar-N's Magnum v Destino

Ch Destino's Serge ROM

Eko-Lan's Ovation of Destino

  Eko-Lan's Elaina, ROM

GSDC of America---1995---Select #9

"This dog never quit. He is not extreme but was very consistent from beginning to end. This is a black and tan that has a good dense coat and secondary sex characteristics. He is strong and well muscled with good substance. His withers are high when standing and in motion and they slope into a strong topline. His shoulder blades are long and ear equal in length to his upper arm. In motion his gait is outreaching and smooth with feet that travel close to the ground. At a full trot he carries a strong back that remains level without sway or roll."

~ Carmen Battaglia

Ch. Destino's Bound for Glori
Destino's Whisper of Wildwood CD

~ Indicates a member of the 13-Club