Ch. Backacres Whalen v Jericho

Ch. Backacres Whalen v Jericho
GS-80110G24M-PI EL22818M24-P
Breeders/Owners: Richard & Liz Sotille
DOB: Dec 25 2006

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Ch. Backacres Whalen v Jericho
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GSDC of San Diego --- March 21 --- Best of Breed

"Not only did he win Best of Breed but he was awarded the coveted title of "Pacific Coast Victor" which has been in existence since 1949. This guy has matured very well from the last time I saw him as a pup. Beautiful pigment. He was good then and now something to be proud of. Stunning breed type with the easy coordinated gait that I like. His topline, croup and nice short hocks were excellent. Temperament was rock sound."

~ Mrs. Joanna L. Rand