Ch. Baa Baa Black Sheep of Edan

Ch. Baa Baa Black Sheep of Edan

Owner: Karen Fisher


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Baa Baa Black Sheep of Edan

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"A young male with absolutely breathtaking presence! In a few short months, he has deepen in prosternum, capricious depth of chest well filled in below the elbows, nice to see shoulder so well placed and length of upper arm is good, excellent ribbing, efficient, short mid section, no cast to loin, good rear quarter, very pleasing croup and tail placement. His pigment is so dark on the neck it does tend to give the neck a slightly stuffy look, but chances are he will lose a little of that as he continues to mature. All over appearance of an alert athletic, willing to please kind of dog. He reminds me of Bravo with more leg. He is maturing very nicely."

-Sherene Eakins

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