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In our breed there are special dogs who earn titles and awards that are conveyed and honored by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of America is pleased to be able to share with you these special award winners.

Although the owners of the dogs receiving these titles do not have to be members of the GSDCA in order to be recognized, there are other titles and awards that are given to GSDCA members in recognition of their personal achievements and the achievements of their dogs.  Click here for information about those member awards.

This following list of state federations and organizations were compiled from various existing lists.  All links and websites are active. The information regarding the purpose of the group was taken from each website with no editing.  Only those with websites or, as in a couple of cases, an email group list with description, were selected.  

All fifty states are included. The websites and group purpose of those omitted will be added as received.   The group email lists addresses are not necessarily coupled with the website, but only added as additional information.  As with the websites, omitted group list addresses will be added when provided.

Reprinted by permission of author David Fritsche and the GSD Review, the original publisher of these articles.

The first 2 to 6 months give a German Shepherd puppy the foundation for living harmoniously in your family.

The following articles are specifically geared for puppy training.  You will notice that they don't always agree with one another!!  There is no one-size-fits all solution for every puppy, so we mention multiple variations in training so you can best find what works for you AND your puppy.

The German Shepherd dog/puppy is a pack animal.  They need you to be the leader of the pack, providing structure and guidance.



When you call your puppy to come to you and he comes, say "YES" with a happy voice and follow up with a "Good Dog/Boy/Girl".  You can add a small treat if you want. 


 If your puppy barks madly when you put the food dish down for a meal and you don't want that (remember he/she will be much bigger soon), don't put the food bowl down until he's quiet and sitting still.  Soon, he will learn that he will get fed much faster if he's quiet.