GSDCA Board Meeting
January 25-26, 2019
Courtyard by Marriott-Orlando Lake Nona
6955 Lake Nona Rd.
Orlando, FL 32827

October 5th - 12th
The Ranch, Loveland CO

Future AKC Events
Future SV Events
Futurity Ad Form

2019 IGP National Championship / Universal Sieger Show / Breed Survey

April 26-28 2019
Roberts Centre, Wilmington, OH

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Ad Layout

The regular ad space size for a full page is 27 picas by 44 picas (4-1/2" x 7-1/4"). 

This is the ad space size, not the page size. If you will notice in the catalog, the ad does not take up the full page size. Do not try to fudge and get extra space by going outside these limits. Your ad will be cut off.

In your desk top publishing program, make the document size 5-7/8" x 8-1/2".Follow these instructions to be successful.

  • In your preferences, set measurements to PICA*, if possible, otherwise use INCHES- DECIMALS.
  • Place the left hand margin guide 3-1/2 picas (.583") from the left edge of the page.
  • Place the right hand margin guide 30-1/2 picas (4.924 ") from the left edge of the page.
  • Place the top margin guide 3-1/2 picas (.583" ) from the top edge of the page.
  • Place the bottom margin guide 47 picas (7.917") from the top edge of the page.

This will give an ad space of 27 x 44 picas (4-1/2" x 7-1/4").

If your Desk Top Publishing program does not allow you to construct unique page sizes, then use guide markers to make the page size and then add additional guides using the measurements stated above to make the ad space.

Most important!!!!  Have someone proofread your ad for you. You will be surprised at the typos you leave behind. Any mistakes in your "camera ready ad" will be there for everyone to see.

Design Suggestions

Use no more than two type styles, unless you have a good design reason for more; i.e. business names or logos.
DO NOT set a script style in ALL CAPS.
DO NOT set the whole ad in ALL CAPS.
Use bold type faces or italics for emphases, not underlines.

Remember: A camera ready ad will be used AS IS.