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September 27-30
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A sitemap (a.k.a. Site Map) is a outline of the content of a website that is visible to the crawlers (the programs that search the Internet looking for content).  Remember that each search engine has it own programs (crawlers) that constantly read, organize, and evaluate the relevance of the content of websites.

A good sitemap has 2 functions:

  1. Outline the content of the website for the people visiting there that want to see it's organization quickly.  It's like the index of a book.
  2. Outline the content of the website for the search engines in words so that the search engine knows what words are important to the website content.  The more times a particular phrase is uses (e.g. "german shepherd dog"), the bigger the impact on the search engine being able to tell where to put information for that website in lists of importance.

The sitemap for GSDCA.org is in the footer menu at the bottom of every page on the website.  If you are a GSDCA member and are logged on, the sitemap is smart and knows to include the content that is reserved for viewing only to members.  The crawlers do not index those pages because they are not available to the public.

When you go to a very large website, it can be helpful to check the sitemap if you're looking around.  Sitemaps are always there somewhere but some websites choose to show them only to the crawlers and not the humans.