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January 25-26, 2019
Courtyard by Marriott-Orlando Lake Nona
6955 Lake Nona Rd.
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October 5th - 12th
The Ranch, Loveland CO

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April 26-28 2019
Roberts Centre, Wilmington, OH

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Fun Times in Oklahoma!

At long last it is show season. We’ve reached that time of the year when there is a specialty show somewhere in this country almost every weekend, when vacation days are used for Friday and Monday travel and the various Internet lists are busy with reports of points won and championships completed.

In some parts of the country, those that seldom experience the rigors of winter, there are specialty shows nearly year round. But for those of us who have four distinct seasons, the specialty season is significantly shorter. Not only do we not have shows in our area, but travel to more moderate climates in significantly restricted.

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Recent discussions about the status of the White German Shepherd made me think back to my teenage years and the first dog that ever owned me. Her call name was Frosty and she was a white. She was smart, loving, empathetic, with beautiful dark eyes, ears perfectly placed atop a strong but feminine head and a long coat that was full and plush. She attracted attention wherever she went. She was a registered dog from one of the top breeders in Colorado; she was a thing of beauty and I loved her dearly.

Frosty wasn't really my dog, although she didn't know it. She just thought I lived in the big house across the alley instead of with her and Arnie and Betty Anderson, her actual owners. From the day the young couple moved in, I was fascinated by their dog. It started with chatting across the fence and petting the dog, quickly moved on to playing with her in their backyard and before long Frosty and I were taking long walks together.

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If We Really Love Our Dogs

We hear it all the time, people professing their great love for their dogs. It is a wonderful thing, the bond between humans and canines. Dogs, particularly German Shepherd Dogs, have an amazing ability to connect with the person in their lives which often makes their humans love them even more.

Our love for our dogs often exceeds our abil­ity to express the fullness of that emotion; words are not sufficient to the task. Being human, we search for other ways to show the world and our dogs just how much we love them.  Some will buy the best, the softest, the shiniest or just the most expensive collars, beds, crates, dishes, boots, sweaters and the like for Bowser. It is human nature to show everyone how much we love our dogs by the things that we buy for them. That must be why we do it, because our dogs surely do not care if their collar has the most bling, or their bed is stuffed with pure down.

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Are Three Enough, Are Six Too Many?

That question is an old one, dating back several decades to a commercial for, of all things, prunes. Over the years it has been repeated, with some modifications, and applied to a variety of situations. It popped into my head again recently, not about prunes but puppies.

Numbers have been running through my head for four months now, right after the puppies were born. In mid-November Music delivered nine babies and that's when I started counting from one to nine multiple times each day.

Music and her babies took over the kitchen, which is where babies are always raised at my house. It is a wonderful room filled with sunlight and lots of different noises for growing puppies to hear. The only drawback is that I have an open floor plan - living room, dining room and kitchen all flow into each other. That's not a problem until the kids start toddling, and then I've devised a system of barricades that has worked pretty well. When we've had other litters I usually move them out to the "puppy barn" at seven or eight weeks. There is a separate fenced yard there for the puppies and mom. My normal routine is to put a clean carpet remnant inside the barn, making for a great sleeping and play area. By keeping the sliding barn door open a few inches, mom and puppies can go out in the yard and get plenty of sunshine. Mom also goes out to potty and the kids quickly learn to do the same. It is really a great set-up, not fancy but it works.

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