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October 13 - 20
Purina Events Center
Gray Summit, Mo

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September 27-30
Shiloh Park, Zion, IL


Weekends. They happen every week, and there are usually 52 of them each year. For some people a weekend is two days away from work each week, days to sleep late, have a lazy breakfast, read the paper, work in the garden, go for a leisurely afternoon drive, join friends for a relaxed dinner in the evening. For others weekends are spent working on home improvement projects, enjoying the satisfaction of doing the work themselves and saving money in the process

For a small segment of the population, weekends consist of getting up very early, often well before dawn, loading their cars with all manner of equipment, and driving long distances to their destination. Upon arriving at said location they will begin unloading all the equipment, setting it up and then preparing themselves and their charge for inspection. They will then display the  fruits of their labors for approximately five minutes, after which their efforts will be evaluated, often by a complete stranger, and a winner declared. Only two can ever win, no matter how many compete. Then these people will undo everything they’ve done at that location, pack it all up and either drive to another location several hours away, or return home because the two days set aside for rest and relaxation are over and they must return to work.