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October 13 - 20
Purina Events Center
Gray Summit, Mo

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September 27-30
Shiloh Park, Zion, IL


Some time ago friends of mine were at a dog show that I could not attend. Mid-afternoon the phone calls came, reporting the results, who showed well and who didn’t, all the typical post-show analysis. But one call mentioned something else, how new members of our club were so excited when their puppy took first in her class and then went on to Best Puppy. According to my friend, they were going to take the ribbons home and frame them, their puppy’s first awards. Apparently it warmed the hearts of those around them just to see their joy.

Do you remember the first time one of your dogs won a ribbon? If you’re as old as I am, the classes were bigger and the competition stiff, and even a fourth place ribbon made your heart beat a little faster. Whether your memories go back one decade or four, reach back there and try to remember how it felt to be new to this game. It seemed as though all the people around you knew so much more than you, that you didn’t know enough to even have a German Shepherd Dog, much less show one.