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October 13 - 20
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September 27-30
Shiloh Park, Zion, IL
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How did it get to be June already? Seems like time just flew by this year! Speaking of time flying by, all you proud owners of ROM dogs and bitches, make sure that Doris and/or Cappy and Gloria have photos to use in the Review. Of course we’re already working on the ROM dog pages for July, but if there is anyone who has not sent a picture for a ROM sire, please get in touch with us.

As most everyone knows, we will showcase the new ROM sires in July, the new ROM dams in August and then before we know it, here comes the National issue in September. So now is the time to be thinking about those pre-national ads. Don’t wait until the last minute or you might get left out!

Now is also the time to decide which national trophies you’d like to donate. Did you know that you can donate a trophy for as little as $20? Or if you’re feeling flush this year, you could donate the Best of Breed or Obedience Victor trophy for a mere $450. If you were fortunate enough to have won a national trophy last year, why not consider being the donor of that same trophy this year? What a great tradition we could start! Seriously, there are trophies available in every price range, and you get your name in the catalog for donating! Regional clubs donate trophies; gets them name recognition in the catalog as well. Class trophies are $50 for 1st, $40 for 2nd, $30 for 3rd and $20 for 4th place.