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2011 June


Recent discussions about the status of the White German Shepherd made me think back to my teenage years and the first dog that ever owned me. Her call name was Frosty and she was a white. She was smart, loving, empathetic, with beautiful dark eyes, ears perfectly placed atop a strong but feminine head and a long coat that was full and plush. She attracted attention wherever she went. She was a registered dog from one of the top breeders in Colorado; she was a thing of beauty and I loved her dearly.

Frosty wasn't really my dog, although she didn't know it. She just thought I lived in the big house across the alley instead of with her and Arnie and Betty Anderson, her actual owners. From the day the young couple moved in, I was fascinated by their dog. It started with chatting across the fence and petting the dog, quickly moved on to playing with her in their backyard and before long Frosty and I were taking long walks together.

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2011 July

Fun Times in Oklahoma!

At long last it is show season. We’ve reached that time of the year when there is a specialty show somewhere in this country almost every weekend, when vacation days are used for Friday and Monday travel and the various Internet lists are busy with reports of points won and championships completed.

In some parts of the country, those that seldom experience the rigors of winter, there are specialty shows nearly year round. But for those of us who have four distinct seasons, the specialty season is significantly shorter. Not only do we not have shows in our area, but travel to more moderate climates in significantly restricted.

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2010 May

Recently a group of us from Colorado went to Albuquerque for the Southwest Futurity weekend. We always enjoy going to those shows. Well maybe not the going so much - it is early April after all and for Coloradans that sometimes means driving through a snowstorm to get there -- but once we’re there we enjoy it.

Most of us take dog shows for granted. Not just the Colorado dog fanciers, but most all dog people. Many of us have a short list of shows that we always at least consider attending. Our decisions are made mostly by who the judges are. Others routinely attend certain shows regardless of who is judging.

Regardless of how we decide which show to attend, we take for granted that the shows will go on. That’s not always true. There are clubs that used to be a part of the fabric of our lives, but no longer exist. Some of the shows we remember fondly aren’t there anymore. That’s the new reality.


2010 June

How did it get to be June already? Seems like time just flew by this year! Speaking of time flying by, all you proud owners of ROM dogs and bitches, make sure that Doris and/or Cappy and Gloria have photos to use in the Review. Of course we’re already working on the ROM dog pages for July, but if there is anyone who has not sent a picture for a ROM sire, please get in touch with us.

As most everyone knows, we will showcase the new ROM sires in July, the new ROM dams in August and then before we know it, here comes the National issue in September. So now is the time to be thinking about those pre-national ads. Don’t wait until the last minute or you might get left out!

Now is also the time to decide which national trophies you’d like to donate. Did you know that you can donate a trophy for as little as $20? Or if you’re feeling flush this year, you could donate the Best of Breed or Obedience Victor trophy for a mere $450. If you were fortunate enough to have won a national trophy last year, why not consider being the donor of that same trophy this year? What a great tradition we could start! Seriously, there are trophies available in every price range, and you get your name in the catalog for donating! Regional clubs donate trophies; gets them name recognition in the catalog as well. Class trophies are $50 for 1st, $40 for 2nd, $30 for 3rd and $20 for 4th place.



2010 July

By now you will have noticed that your magazine was delivered without the plastic bag. It is not a mistake. It is one of several cost-cutting measures that your Board of Directors approved recently. Eliminat-ing the poly bag saves $9,000 a year. That’s a lot of money by anyone’s measure. Postal equipment has im-proved over the years and it is likely that this change will not a?ect the condition of your magazine. If you should receive a badly torn magazine, let me know and we’ll make arrangements to replace it.

Nearly a century ago Robert Frost wrote “Good fences make good neighbours” in a poem called “Mending Wall.” Most readers concede that he did not agree with the statement made by the neighbor on the other side. Nevertheless the phrase was adopted by the general public and is oft repeated even today. As dog lovers and responsible dog owners we likely all agree with that sentiment, but there’s an adaptation that I’d like you to consider: Good (writ-ten) contracts keep good friends.

Yesterday I spoke to a friend across the country and she related the woes of an understanding gone awry. Seems she had given a young bitch to a friend of hers because the friend just had to have that particular puppy. Notice I said given, not sold. Te recipient of this puppy promised to show her. My friend, being the trusting type, didn’t give it another thought and promptly transferred ownership of the pup to her friend.

Fast-forward a couple of years.


2010 August

Some time ago friends of mine were at a dog show that I could not attend. Mid-afternoon the phone calls came, reporting the results, who showed well and who didn’t, all the typical post-show analysis. But one call mentioned something else, how new members of our club were so excited when their puppy took first in her class and then went on to Best Puppy. According to my friend, they were going to take the ribbons home and frame them, their puppy’s first awards. Apparently it warmed the hearts of those around them just to see their joy.

Do you remember the first time one of your dogs won a ribbon? If you’re as old as I am, the classes were bigger and the competition stiff, and even a fourth place ribbon made your heart beat a little faster. Whether your memories go back one decade or four, reach back there and try to remember how it felt to be new to this game. It seemed as though all the people around you knew so much more than you, that you didn’t know enough to even have a German Shepherd Dog, much less show one.


2010 October

Weekends. They happen every week, and there are usually 52 of them each year. For some people a weekend is two days away from work each week, days to sleep late, have a lazy breakfast, read the paper, work in the garden, go for a leisurely afternoon drive, join friends for a relaxed dinner in the evening. For others weekends are spent working on home improvement projects, enjoying the satisfaction of doing the work themselves and saving money in the process

For a small segment of the population, weekends consist of getting up very early, often well before dawn, loading their cars with all manner of equipment, and driving long distances to their destination. Upon arriving at said location they will begin unloading all the equipment, setting it up and then preparing themselves and their charge for inspection. They will then display the  fruits of their labors for approximately five minutes, after which their efforts will be evaluated, often by a complete stranger, and a winner declared. Only two can ever win, no matter how many compete. Then these people will undo everything they’ve done at that location, pack it all up and either drive to another location several hours away, or return home because the two days set aside for rest and relaxation are over and they must return to work.


2010 September

Perhaps you’ve noticed in the last couple of months that here have been a few changes to your Review, and maybe you’re a bit confused.  We couldn’t blame you at all if you are. Even our printer got confused.

Here’s what is happening. At its regular meeting at the end of April, your Board of Directors voted to make a few changes that would result in some significant cost savings to the GSDCA. One was to change the coating on the cover. Many never even noticed this change, some commented that they liked the new look better than the glossy look. Another change reduced the weight of the  paper inside the magazine; we had no comments on that .


2010 November/December

The 2010 National in Utah

What a fun National we had this year! After all the worries of bad weather and rumors of inconvenient facilities, it still turned out well. And I have to say it was one of the "friendlier" nationals I've attended. For some reason we didn't hear nearly as much complaining, and I saw a lot of friendly gestures and chatting going on, and hardly any sour faces.

Of course the weather had a lot to do with it. If Bill Burggraaf had placed a special order with the weather gods, it couldn't have been much better. I know there were some people who were cold when they were washing dogs early in the morning, but guess what? That is a fact of life at many, many shows across the country. Maybe those of you who live in the south don't experience that as often as others, but it can and does happen everywhere.

Once the sun rose a little higher in the sky the days were absolutely lovely. Warm enough to be very comfortable, but not so hot we couldn't leave a dog in the car for a bit now and then. And certainly not so hot that we had to worry about the dogs working outside, say in the herding arena.

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2011 January

A New Year's Gift to You

Happy New Year all you lovers of German Shepherd Dogs! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  We also hope that you all have renewed your membership to the GSDCA, otherwise you won't be reading the Review next month.

The Parent Club has a New Year's gift for Review advertisers. Effective immediately, all single-page and larger ads will be uploaded to the Review portion of the PC web site (Check It Out) for one month at no charge. This is a work in progress as Webmaster Pam Stoesser  works with us at the Review to devise the best method for making these ads available on-line. You may have seen our early trial run that went up in December. Many of you did find it, and we've received some helpful feedback as a result. Nothing is set in stone at this point, and all your comments are welcome.  Some of our advertisers already have inquired about keeping their ads on the site past the first free month. The Budget & Finance Committee will discuss that and bring it to the Board of Directors at the January meeting. Look for an update in the Board O Gram and on this page.

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2011 February

Farewell to a Treasured Friend

The sad news arrived by email this morning. Another of our long-time members was gone. This one brought me to tears.

Jane Jeter was one of those people who I considered to be a special friend. I know I'm not alone.

Before I became involved with the Review, I didn't know Jane. I knew her name of course, but not much about her. Then in the course of something related to the Review, I needed her help and gave her a call. I'm guessing it was about Dual Title awards, as Jane was the chair of that committee.

That one call was the start of a relationship that I will always treasure. Jane and I found we had many friends and many experiences in common, and just as many different life lessons that we shared with each other. We didn't always agree, sometime having entirely different philosophies. But we respected each other and learned by seeing things from each other's perspective.

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